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Kino > Another unbelievably plan is the waiting hours. (2/19 mon 00:40:26 JST,
Kino > Unbelieveably high prices. (2/19 mon 00:39:41 JST,
Kino > Yo was wondering if someone from Japan comes to Sweden where would one search for "cheap" tickets? (2/19 mon 00:39:27 JST,
Silly > Hey, Where all did you go to? (2/18 sun 12:08:02 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
Kino > Finding it's way into society much like corona (now it's considered a mere cold and not a killer per se). (2/18 sun 00:26:20 JST,
Kino > Feels more like this inflation will be a part of society permanently. "Bricka i Spelet" pawn in the game. (2/18 sun 00:26:01 JST,
Kino > Cosmos Indeed&agreed. Free and self-paced. S'what this world needs now. Hopefully prices around the world will go down. (2/18 sun 00:25:42 JST,
Kino > Hälsinge is more or less mine. We originate from Hälsingland also where they art found. (2/18 sun 00:25:13 JST,
Kino > Elder Furthark, Younger Furthark, Short-Twig Furthark, Staveless Hälsinge Furthark,Medieval and Anglo-Saxon (2/18 sun 00:24:54 JST,
kimio > Those are Runes that were used in the past during the Viking era. I didn't realize there was a keyboard layout that mapped to the runes (2/17 sat 00:41:47 JST,
Cosmos > kino> cybersecurity course! Interesting (2/15 thu 19:04:26 JST,
Kino > ᚴᛁᚾᚬ ᚼᛁᛏᛁᚱ ᛁᛅᚴ. ᛋᚬᚾ ᛅᚢ ᛚᚬᚴᛁ <3 (2/15 thu 06:55:51 JST,
Kino > Subnet ok (2/11 sun 18:52:16 JST,
kimio > Kino> good start to getting into networking. When you start preparing, be sure to learn to subnet in your head. Not enough time to do calculations on the exam (2/11 sun 13:33:00 JST,
TanuKino > Am getting CCNA then (2/10 sat 21:03:55 JST,
Kino > And this is not taking years. (2/10 sat 17:34:08 JST,
Kino > Guess it was my entry point after all😏🦝 (2/10 sat 17:31:53 JST,
Kino > Ok just passed intro at cybersecuritt course needed 80 and I got 100 in 7 m (2/10 sat 17:31:33 JST,
azazel > i can't see no japanese people in herre (2/9 fri 05:52:20 JST,
kimio > Spanish isn't too difficult, almost the exact reverse of English. but keep it up ;) (2/7 wed 20:07:07 JST,
Cosmos > I could find someone who speaks English. Once I studied Spanish a little in the past but I should study it more For instance gdonde eres bano?h (2/7 wed 02:39:59 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
Cosmos > In Latin America only a few people speak English but I was lucky I could buy a cough medicine in Chile because (2/7 wed 02:38:53 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
a > hi (2/6 tue 01:51:50 JST,
poto sovietico > hii (1/31 wed 05:50:12 JST, host179.60.72.63.dynamic.pacificored.cl)
kimio > Did you get to practice your Spanish in Peru? Yeah most South American countries are very dangerous because of the drug cartels (1/30 tue 10:44:55 JST,
kimio > That's terrible! Hope everyone is alright and the thief was arrested (1/30 tue 10:44:05 JST,
Cosmos > I heard two passengers from our ship was attacked and got injured You too have been attacked by a burglar in the past though. (1/29 mon 04:09:28 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
Cosmos > On the last day I did hang grider and I watched a part of small area of Rima city. It seems most of southern American countries are dangerous but it is depending on the area. (1/29 mon 04:08:29 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
Cosmos > I watched Moai in the Easter island I took my picture with Moai In Peru I had 4 days so I visited Raruko museum, 2 of big shopping center and famous buildings temples but I forgot the name :P (1/29 mon 04:07:17 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
Cosmos > Ifm on the ship right now So I need to buy wifi for internet. It costs 2100 Yen for 100 minutes, 20000 Yen for 1000 minutes and the internet connection is very slow (1/29 mon 04:06:33 JST, customer.sntochl1.pop.starlinkisp.net)
kimio > Cosmos> How is Peru? Have you visited the old temples of the Inca? (1/20 sat 14:11:22 JST,
Cosmos > I visited Hawaii Tahiti Easter island already (1/20 sat 13:32:01 JST,
Cosmos > Hi Kimio I am in Peru (1/20 sat 13:24:00 JST,
Cosmos > Hi Kimio I am in Peru (1/20 sat 13:23:59 JST,
Fuck > Allo FF777 (1/20 sat 13:18:53 JST,
Fuck > Allo FF777 (1/20 sat 06:50:12 JST,
kimio > Hello. (1/17 wed 19:06:59 JST,
TanuKino > At times. (1/17 wed 08:00:17 JST,
FF777 > ............................ (1/16 tue 20:37:39 JST, olp-209-150-247-234.olp.net)
noob > Hello is anyone here? (1/15 mon 23:08:01 JST, broadband.time.net.my)
Kino > This one seem good (1/14 sun 21:22:03 JST,
Kino > Click on the class title to self-enroll. (Note: you will need to create a free Networking Academy account.) (1/14 sun 21:21:53 JST,
Kino > Take free self-paced courses from a trusted source, the Cisco Networking Academy. These courses let you explore exciting opportunities available in technology. Topics include Business, Cybersecurity, (1/14 sun 21:21:22 JST,
Kino > Ok thanks I'll keep looking. (1/14 sun 21:19:59 JST,
kimio > Kino> Netacad isn't free, you have to register for a course. I recommend going for CCNA to start since it covers a vast amount of technologies for many IT jobs. (1/14 sun 11:27:17 JST,
Kino > Self paced and for free wow this is it. (1/13 sat 19:53:04 JST,
Kino > Wow this looks interesting. Thanks (1/13 sat 19:47:21 JST,
Kino > Oh ok thanks! Will make sure to do that (1/13 sat 19:46:54 JST,
kimio > Kino> Did you try Netacad.com ? They offer introductory classes to networking so you can understand technologies such as Ethernet, Wifi, Ip addressing, Nat / Pat , ACL lists and so on (1/13 sat 10:07:35 JST,
Kino > Reminds me of Tesol set-up. (1/13 sat 06:29:01 JST,

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