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きみお > Arnaud. Ltns! I don't live there anymore. I am just hanging out in the Seattle area waiting to go home to Okinawa (6/16 wed 15:55:56 JST,
Arnaud > Kimio> maybe rather in the US (6/16 wed 15:23:37 JST,
Arnaud > Kimio > hey 👋 how are you lately? Are you in Japan, Spokane or somewhere else ? (6/16 wed 15:21:13 JST,
きみお > Hope everyone is doing well. This stupid virus has made things pretty tough for everyone. Hang in there~ (6/16 wed 13:21:07 JST,
Arnaud > For > after 1 month, i never have obeyed their stupid rules anymore and i went everywhere i wanted… (6/16 wed 08:04:45 JST,
For > Arnaud > They have made the distance very relative these years - nothing helps when you're not allowed to even have a healthy walk in a park (6/16 wed 07:35:27 JST, asmpx.inclamation.com)
Arnaud > For > Unfortunately i’m living at 400km away from all my family, it doesn’t help… (6/16 wed 07:33:27 JST,
For > Arnaud > Pre school children change a lot with almost each week, so seeing them only once in a month doesn't really feel that often (6/16 wed 07:33:16 JST, asmpx.inclamation.com)
For > Arnaud > Including the lockdown in 2020 when one of my visits was officially illegal. I think it still makes once in a month even then (6/16 wed 07:32:00 JST, asmpx.inclamation.com)
For > Arnaud > One year is really long, 'cause I keep seeing my cousing at least each month (6/16 wed 07:30:41 JST, asmpx.inclamation.com)
For > Arnaud > Luckily no one in my family is scared enough to refuse to meet. Two thirds of them officially went through covid. The rest spend their time in the countryside (6/16 wed 07:26:22 JST, asmpx.inclamation.com)
Arnaud > For > my parents are very scared of the coronavirus but less now as they received their second injection (6/16 wed 07:21:36 JST,
Arnaud > For > But will see my parents in less than 2 weeks at last (6/16 wed 07:21:01 JST,
Arnaud > For > i didn’t see anybody of my family for almost 1 year now…. (6/16 wed 07:20:32 JST,
Arnaud > For > Happy that you could see your family at last (6/16 wed 07:20:10 JST,
Arnaud > For > unfortunately the french do everything with their throat (6/16 wed 07:19:18 JST,
Arnaud > For > but as i don’t know how to vibrate my tongue, i just say L and it’s okay (6/16 wed 07:18:46 JST,
Arnaud > For > yes kinda, the japanese R is similar to the spanish one (6/16 wed 07:18:13 JST,
For > Arnaud > Congratulations! Gefeliciteerd! (6/16 wed 07:04:58 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Aren't all Rs difficult for the Japanese? Because I heard that they have something that is between R and L in their language (6/16 wed 07:02:42 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > NO "almost" (6/16 wed 06:58:57 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > I almost tend to switch to headphones (6/16 wed 06:58:46 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Silly > How do you play files for better quality of the sound (if it's not your computer speakers)? (6/16 wed 06:57:53 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Hearing it properly seems to be okay for me, but pronouncing it is another thing (6/16 wed 06:56:20 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Cosmos > It's the first time in my experience when someone says that TH can be hard to hear :-) (6/16 wed 06:54:54 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > silly > I know that your intentions are good, but don't wish me to be safe, please, wish me to have freedom :-) (6/16 wed 06:53:06 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Arnaud > Fine. Two family meetings on Sunday and today - got home an hour ago (6/16 wed 06:51:30 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > silly > Both young and old ignored it. Playgrounds seem to have been filled. I observed two of them in two distant parts of the city (6/16 wed 06:49:40 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
Arnaud > For > how are you lately? :) (6/16 wed 06:48:27 JST,
For > silly > They made an attempt to close childrens' playgrounds outside. In summer (6/16 wed 06:46:34 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Arnaud > Is it because not everyone in your team is vaccinated? LOL (6/16 wed 06:43:51 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
For > Arnaud > LOL, you're online too? (6/16 wed 06:43:05 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
Arnaud > I think Mein Fuerher turned around in his grave lol (6/16 wed 06:42:32 JST,
For > silly > Pure numbers without explanations are on par with emotions, so whatever (6/16 wed 06:42:02 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
Arnaud > Oh my goodness, France won against Germany, in Germany. Times have changed LOL (6/16 wed 06:41:39 JST,
For > silly > They claim that the number of cases has increased, whatever that may mean. The numbers they give come without any additional information (6/16 wed 06:40:46 JST, 185-220-102-7.torservers.net)
Arnaud > Pronounce* (not spell) (6/16 wed 04:52:02 JST,
Arnaud > Because women make more efforts to spell japanese and for a foreigner, it’s very important to understand (6/16 wed 04:51:13 JST,
Arnaud > I remember that in Japan, I always understood women better than men (6/16 wed 04:50:22 JST,
Arnaud > Japanese language is squared, but sometimes the men talk very fast and not loudly and it’s sometimes difficult to understand them (6/16 wed 04:49:48 JST,
Arnaud > Hindi sounds like blebleblebleb like when you are drowning into water LOL 😂 (6/16 wed 04:47:15 JST,
Arnaud > Cosmos> ah yes the french R is very difficult for the japanese but if you roll it, hopefully we understand and there is no problem. You experienced it (6/16 wed 04:46:19 JST,
Silly > lots of neat stuff that you can't buy the dvd for. (6/15 tue 23:57:44 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > the sound quality is not bad if you download the video and play it off your pc speakers. (6/15 tue 23:57:21 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I was kind of surprise that there is so many musical preformances on youtube. (6/15 tue 23:56:40 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARG6haWcZPM (6/15 tue 23:56:10 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Hey Hero~Chan, you know some french. Can you tell me what this lady is singing about? (6/15 tue 23:55:11 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Cosmos > silly chan I like playing classical music like this (6/15 tue 17:27:05 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > TH is a hard-to-hear sound (6/15 tue 17:22:13 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Hindi wasn't strange when I was watching a drama of an Indian hero "POROUS" (6/15 tue 17:20:08 JST, MEMBER)

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