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Hulio > How to address the message to administration of this chat? (5/21 tue 05:58:05 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > How to address the message to administration of this chat? (5/21 tue 05:57:18 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > Is anybody home? (5/21 tue 05:55:24 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > Hi dimple, hi kimio. Why is this chat room so empty? (5/21 tue 05:50:19 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
kimio > Dimple> Its Dimple! Its been so long! I hope you've been doing well! (5/20 mon 21:31:42 JST,
Stefan Batoria > Hi people (5/20 mon 20:45:24 JST,
Argentino60 > Hello (5/18 sat 20:46:21 JST, cpe-181-46-138-197.telecentro-reversos.com.ar)
dimple > Hello Green room! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm missing friends from TeaCup. (5/18 sat 20:11:20 JST, KD027084175147.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp)
kimio > Admittedly today i have a lot of free time also so thought I'd respond to it :D (5/18 sat 12:43:34 JST,
kimio > Really just logging in for all the trouble to just say meow meow? lol. You must have a lot of free time (5/18 sat 12:42:56 JST,
Funny > Meow meow meow (5/18 sat 04:41:16 JST, ns1023966.ip-15-204-97.us)
Funny > Hi there (5/18 sat 04:39:52 JST, ns1023966.ip-15-204-97.us)
Really > Hello (5/17 fri 02:03:06 JST,
kimio > Cosmos> It sounds like you had quite the adventure for a year! (5/11 sat 13:01:24 JST,
Cosmos > I asked a Chinese girl who was walking nearby to call emergency contact I'm glad I can speak a little English xD Now that the yen is weak, I can't travel abroad much (5/5 sun 23:26:21 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > probably because I had installed an eSIM, and there was another person who couldn't find the meeting place, and she couldn't speak English, so she followed me (5/5 sun 23:24:54 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > it was about 14 weeks We also went to Shenzhen in China. However, when participating in an optional tour I had trouble finding the meeting place I was worried because my phone wouldn't work (5/5 sun 23:23:23 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > bonjour Arnaud ca fait longtemps The cruise around the world took 108 days From December 14th to March 31st (5/5 sun 23:19:20 JST, MEMBER)
ryujiro > Hi! How are you (5/5 sun 15:05:18 JST, 113x33x188x193.ap113.ftth.ucom.ne.jp)
Nora > Have a good day (5/4 sat 09:42:22 JST, 050-088-068-199.res.spectrum.com)
Nora > Miss you (5/4 sat 09:42:01 JST, 050-088-068-199.res.spectrum.com)
Nora > Miss you (5/4 sat 09:41:47 JST, 050-088-068-199.res.spectrum.com)
Nora > Masa (5/4 sat 09:41:23 JST, 050-088-068-199.res.spectrum.com)
Nora > Hello (5/4 sat 09:40:55 JST, 050-088-068-199.res.spectrum.com)
Arnaud > I went to the south of China for 2 weeks in January. (5/2 thu 16:52:56 JST,
Arnaud > Cosmos> Hello. we didn't see you for longtime. How long the round-the-world cruise ? (5/2 thu 16:52:27 JST,
anxhi001 > hi' (5/2 thu 01:21:52 JST,
Cosmos > Because of this, I was unable to arrive at Yokohama Port on March 28th as scheduled (4/30 tue 11:43:39 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > roughest was when I entered the sea in Japan It was difficult to walk down the hallway because of the shaking (4/30 tue 11:42:25 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > took the optional tour may have seen it In Peru, my roommate went on a tour to Machu Picchu, so she was gone for 3-4 days There was never a storm. I've had rough seas before, but the (4/30 tue 11:41:55 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > so it's difficult to buy something at a pharmacy I was in Peru for 4 days, but I heard it was dangerous to go out alone, so I wasn't able to go out as much as I wanted, so I didn't see it. Those who t (4/30 tue 11:38:40 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > he gave me didn't work so I bought a cough medicine at a pharmacy in Chile The medicine worked well There aren't many people who speak English in South America, (4/30 tue 11:37:57 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > my teeth, I felt the water a little salty Of course there was a medical clinic on the ship But the ship's doctor was a bad doctor, and even when I had a cold and a persistent cough, the medicine (4/30 tue 11:35:53 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Water was available on the ship without any inconvenience, but since there were many passengers, it seems that sea water was replaced with fresh water I felt this because sometimes when I was brushing (4/30 tue 11:33:24 JST, MEMBER)
Silly > Did you have to travel into a storm at sea? (4/28 sun 17:09:00 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
Silly > alpaca wool? huh... did you see any alpacas? (4/28 sun 17:08:42 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
Silly > How was the water? The drinking water? And they have a Dr. on board? Do they have a clinic? (4/28 sun 17:06:36 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
Silly > Fun. So you could take classes on boat.... (4/28 sun 17:04:39 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
Cosmos > In Peru, I bought an alpaca wool stole and an alpaca cap I bought some rum in Port Louis in Mauritius (4/24 wed 15:11:14 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > The Boers? what? I dont understand (4/24 wed 06:34:27 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I was guided by car, so I only briefly passed through the city My guide his face looked white but his skin was a bit tan He was saying his skin color made him safe (4/24 wed 06:32:35 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I didnt see many white people in south Africa In Port Elizabeth, the city center was full of black people, and it was said that it was dangerous for non-black people, such as Japanese people (4/24 wed 06:31:51 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > chocolate, coffee, postcards, and when I went to Victoria Falls I bought a small wooden hippopotamus figurine (4/24 wed 06:29:05 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I tried to avoid buying souvenirs as much as possible. When buying something small and light because after getting off the ship, I wanted to go home with three suitcases The things I bought were choco (4/24 wed 06:27:37 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > here... The northern route takes me to Iceland too I think (4/24 wed 06:27:27 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I was playing blowgun and was participating French class but actually Spanish class was more useful cos we mainly visited South American countries There were many other activities I can't write it her (4/24 wed 06:25:31 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > because I had bacterial diarrhea They had many activities like Yoga, Social dance, Watercolor painting class, Watching movies Summer festival, Sports day, Welcome party There was also a karaoke bar (4/24 wed 06:24:30 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > My room mate got seasick several times, but I was fine However, I caught a cold before arriving in Hawaii, and around March I started getting diarrhea, so it was really bad. I was isolated for a while (4/24 wed 06:22:39 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > You always have so many questions ! the fruit was star-shaped not so yummy xD Yes the food on the ship included in the price of cruise except some alcohol drink (4/24 wed 06:21:59 JST, MEMBER)
Silly > what kind of Souvenirs did you take home? (4/23 tue 10:52:32 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)

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