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Kino > Live in fear then !! 😃 (9/18 sat 15:06:10 JST,
Kino > Insane people 😏smh~ (9/18 sat 15:06:00 JST,
silly > on purpose. Just read the article. It is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! (9/18 sat 07:58:26 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > anyway, it is crazy. But the USA government and the hospitals are killing people. (9/18 sat 07:58:05 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > enlarged heart in some young men. (9/18 sat 07:54:14 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > oh my, that is why the vaccine should not be mandated! They say it can cause (9/18 sat 07:53:51 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=243448 (9/18 sat 07:52:26 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Kino > But they got no regards for feelings of others whatsoever. Cold folks that. (9/17 fri 13:32:11 JST,
Kino > If you tell them their English is wrong they will cry (9/17 fri 13:31:50 JST,
Kino > Especially them, yes. (9/17 fri 13:31:00 JST,
Arnaud > For > how are you ?? (9/17 fri 07:25:37 JST,
Arnaud > For > hello :) (9/17 fri 07:25:28 JST,
Arnaud > Cosmos> that's nice ! Thank him for paying for that.. But it's not for nothing as a lot of us are going on coming here, after more than 15 years ! (9/17 fri 07:24:37 JST,
Arnaud > Kino > Eiji was japanese and he taught me good basic japanese... and after i went on (9/17 fri 07:23:32 JST,
For > Divide and conquer never gets old... (9/16 thu 19:21:41 JST,
For > Silly > That article is brilliant. Covidfs Willing Executioners. Yes, they really are (9/16 thu 19:13:15 JST,
Cosmos > Reported 919 deaths after vaccination Of these, 912 were made by Pfizer and 7 were made by Moderna (9/16 thu 18:40:17 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Most people who died after vaccination got sick during some kind of strenuous exercise (9/16 thu 18:32:52 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > silly>No snake has ever appeared in a dream Japanese base ball player died after vaccination on August 3 he got sick during practice and was taken to the hospital (9/16 thu 18:32:38 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Arnaud Why this t-cup is still existing is because my European friend is paying money for maintaining this site near 10 years (9/16 thu 18:31:04 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > When I was young I had low blood pressure, so on the way home from donating blood, I was about to collapse to walk to the station (9/16 thu 18:28:47 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > drownthewitch >You did a good thing! I have donated blood only once long time ago (9/16 thu 18:28:10 JST, MEMBER)
Kino > Be them Native or not. It's common/natural. (9/16 thu 12:54:22 JST,
Kino > Arnaud Yea rude people. People that learn a language to a certain degree goes and tell failures upon others later. (9/16 thu 12:54:03 JST,
Arnaud > i remember Eiji saying "Your japanese is wrong" when i tried to build one plain sentence giving me the willingness to learn it seriously (9/16 thu 05:36:25 JST,
Arnaud > Arnaud > here is also the place where i have learnt my first japanese words (9/16 thu 05:35:28 JST,
Arnaud > how could we explain that... maybe because that was one of the first english chat we knew ? enabling us meeting people from everywhere in the world ? (9/16 thu 05:34:26 JST,
Arnaud > Yes that's surprising how this plain chat survived, MSN Messenger has died more than 10 years ago (9/16 thu 05:32:14 JST,
Sasuke > People never took a vaccine before going abroad for vacation? In my country that's common. Going to Greece or so. (9/15 wed 18:52:12 JST,
Sasuke > My Body is not failing. We each are differently responding to the vaccine and virus. (9/15 wed 17:06:42 JST,
silly > as well as the presdient actually threatening people! (9/15 wed 09:21:21 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > that is very serious. And it is now joke. that message is being broadcast. (9/15 wed 09:20:54 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > There naritive from the media and entertainment companies is that unvaccinated people should be killed (9/15 wed 09:20:09 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > The data says the vaccine is failing. But the politicans are saying the unvaccinated people are the problem. (9/15 wed 09:19:15 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > How do you live? (9/15 wed 09:17:26 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > as well as restricting the civil liberties of the unvaccinated people. (9/15 wed 09:16:37 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > And now the politicians are blaming the unvaccinated for the covid. (9/15 wed 09:16:02 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > You can't live reckless abandon becuase of the covid. (9/15 wed 09:15:24 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
silly > That is a problem. (9/15 wed 09:14:14 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Kino > Let's try to Live instead. We shouldn't wake now and appreciate life. Live it. (9/14 tue 13:06:34 JST,
silly > https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/12/covids-willing-executioners/ (9/14 tue 00:26:56 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I don't know what is true. But I expect to be short lived. (9/13 mon 22:01:26 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > They are saying the data from te vaccine is that is doesn't stop the spread of covid. (9/13 mon 22:00:53 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > https://market-ticker.org/nad (9/13 mon 22:00:15 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > N (9/13 mon 21:59:50 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I think it is an Engi ga ii thing. (9/13 mon 21:59:45 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > No.. It is not what you are thinking (9/13 mon 21:59:08 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Did you ever see a white snake in your dreams? (9/13 mon 21:58:57 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9ekHA5xLmU&t=170s (9/13 mon 21:58:15 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Amazing concert (9/13 mon 21:58:10 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)

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