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Kino > Arnaud He is a super troll that harasses a Japanese Lady for..umm..20 years??? Hahahah😭 Crazy (10/20 tue 16:43:00 JST,
Kino > Arnaud Some crazy old chatter that was here when I was a child. I am 31 now and surprised he ducked the Corona and age. (10/20 tue 16:42:21 JST,
Kino > Working and Saving and maintaining business before all that. Tired back n forth (10/20 tue 16:41:36 JST,
Kino > But I might go to Japan anyway before that( don't want to be without her for too long). (10/20 tue 16:41:13 JST,
Kino > I am escaping the heat, and am moving to the Cold. She is coming next year by August, and Xmas next year. (10/20 tue 16:40:47 JST,
Arnaud > Kino> when your partner plans to come to Sweden to visit you ? (10/20 tue 06:18:28 JST, pers-165-226.vpn.u-ga.fr)
Arnaud > Kino> This Christmas i should be with my family for once... (10/20 tue 06:18:02 JST, pers-165-226.vpn.u-ga.fr)
Arnaud > Kino> usually, i always spend Christmas/winter holidays in China, Morocco/Tunisia, South East Asia or Australia to escape winter. But this year i have to accept to undergo it wholy. (10/20 tue 06:17:37 JST, pers-165-226.vpn.u-ga.fr)
Arnaud > Kino> sorry, who is this german guy you are talking about ? lol (10/20 tue 06:16:04 JST, pers-165-226.vpn.u-ga.fr)
Kino > ...but not Me yet..😏 (10/19 mon 23:11:03 JST,
Kino > Even after 16 years, that crazy old German is still alive. Haha, he dodged a lot.... (10/19 mon 23:10:52 JST,
Kino > Arnaud So what is your plan for this year that soon has ended and the new year then? (10/19 mon 23:09:09 JST,
Kino > Arnaud Yes, I too will wait with Japan. Working and saving and do business for the meantime is better, til it gets better. (10/19 mon 23:08:48 JST,
Kino > Arnaud Yes! She will come to me instead since we got no quarantine and thus we gotten finer the more time went on in this Country. (10/19 mon 23:07:27 JST,
Arnaud > Kino > hopefully my wife lives here with me (10/19 mon 06:28:24 JST,
Arnaud > Kino> usually almost every year i go back to China, but this year i wonft... (10/19 mon 06:26:34 JST,
Arnaud > Kino > with the coronavirus, traveling became so difficult (10/19 mon 06:24:58 JST,
Arnaud > Kino > i hope you can see your partner again :) (10/19 mon 06:24:34 JST,
Kino > Arcane even. (10/19 mon 00:35:33 JST,
Kino > Yea am looking into Hebrew also, old ancient languages are most interesting. (10/19 mon 00:35:27 JST,
Kino > 2 weeks of self paid quarantine didn't sound so super attractive 😬 (10/19 mon 00:34:30 JST,
Kino > However, my major study will be off when I can return to my partner in Japan. Which is now essentially a minor problem solely, and not a True Hinder. (10/19 mon 00:33:50 JST,
Kino > Arnaud Good evening. Yes indeed but was not so good at it. Now I am well in it as well as other languages such as Chinese of various dialects. (10/19 mon 00:33:08 JST,
Arnaud > For > how are your gf and your family lately ? (10/18 sun 20:43:58 JST,
Arnaud > For > how are your gf and your family lately ? (10/18 sun 16:35:38 JST,
Arnaud > For > happy that you are fine. Lucky you with the weather in Moscow. Itfs so bad here since September 20th, we really are in winter and hope the good days will come up again (10/18 sun 16:30:35 JST,
Arnaud > Lately, ifm studying hebrew, the A1 level (10/18 sun 16:26:09 JST,
Arnaud > I tried chinese but too difficult for understanding and also speaking. Despite Writing/reading is alright (10/18 sun 16:25:36 JST,
Arnaud > Speaking* (10/18 sun 16:24:27 JST,
Arnaud > Kino > i remember that you were sparking good japanese and also chinese. Did you go on studying those languages ? (10/18 sun 16:24:14 JST,
Arnaud > Silly > lol (10/18 sun 16:23:14 JST,
Silly > Maybe in Russia and France dinner is a good idea.... but have you seen the size of Amercian women? The last thing they need is another meal before bed. (10/18 sun 00:34:17 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Kino > Arnaud Yes, it is I. Indeed it has been many years. Hope you are doing well these days and years 🙂 (10/17 sat 21:42:47 JST,
Kino > If I was you ( if possible) I'd leave the country). (10/17 sat 21:42:09 JST,
Kino > Ye to be complaining about life ever since I was 14. I am 32 soon and I dont see much dev (10/17 sat 21:41:39 JST,
Kino > For You have no Power. Simply as that. (10/17 sat 21:39:07 JST,
For > Arnaud > I'm fine so far. We had very warm weather fro this month with +15C, but today it feels like those days are over. +4C right now (10/17 sat 07:18:17 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > sb > Panic porn (10/17 sat 07:10:02 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Arnaud > sb> if you have a good immune system, you don't have to be scared of it ! (10/17 sat 05:10:46 JST,
Arnaud > sb> the difference is that, there is not treatment except HCQ, so the people just take paracetamol and wait. (10/17 sat 05:07:30 JST,
Arnaud > sb> so yes, the coronacrap is not more dangerous than a flu... (10/17 sat 05:05:56 JST,
Arnaud > btw were are the people dead from the flu this year ? they even didn't talk about it. With coronacrap, it's like no other deceases exists anymore. (10/17 sat 05:05:20 JST,
Arnaud > sb> how many people killed by the flu in 2018 ? 15.000 !! (10/17 sat 05:04:27 JST,
Arnaud > sb> In france, they claim 30.000 dead from the corona, and there were less than 10.000 in reality (10/17 sat 05:04:05 JST,
Arnaud > sb> they are lying and the figures are false. There are at least 3 times less dead from the corona than what they are claiming (10/17 sat 05:03:33 JST,
Arnaud > sb> you are the kind of mutton swallowing propaganda from the media without thinking of it. (10/17 sat 05:02:13 JST,
Arnaud > sb> even the guy falling from a ladder, if he was positive to the test -> counted as dead from the corona (10/17 sat 05:01:07 JST,
Arnaud > sb> bakayarou... all the people that died WITH the corona (dead from anything else but positive to covid test) were counted as dead FROM the corona (10/17 sat 05:00:05 JST,
sb > for ex the letality of covid 19 in the usa is 16x higher than the 1 of the flu virus (10/16 fri 22:29:13 JST,
sb > Arnaud is rather illiterate and ignorant: of course Covid-19 is much more dangerous than the flu virus, your wife seems to be more intelligent than you (10/16 fri 22:03:56 JST,

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