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Silly > you can't trust anybody anymore..... (7/14 tue 10:39:07 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > you can (7/14 tue 10:38:49 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=239710 (7/14 tue 10:38:06 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Dr. Anthony Fauci was one of the primary proponents of that "fast track" authority and we shoved 450,000 Americans in the hole who died of AIDS. (7/14 tue 10:37:04 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > As it turns out AZT not only was worthless against AIDS it directly harmed and killed people because it directly attacks both T-cells and the bone marrow. (7/14 tue 10:37:00 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > hmmm... I read this today... I think it is true (7/14 tue 10:36:25 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > You wanted to know about Fauci.... (7/14 tue 10:36:03 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Arnaud > and during the afternoon, when Macron started, many people were rioting in the Champs-Elysees (7/14 tue 06:06:07 JST,
Arnaud > Because last year, many yellow vests were within the crowd and they whistled a lot at Macron and took out yellow air balloon they have thrown in the sky LOL (7/14 tue 06:04:45 JST,
Arnaud > At least Macron won't have to manage how to not be invaded by the yellow vests, this time. (7/14 tue 06:02:16 JST,
Arnaud > No firecrack and no celebration of the french army in the Champs Elysees for July 14th (7/14 tue 06:01:26 JST,
Arnaud > For> they suppressed the celebrations for the national day here. (7/14 tue 06:00:32 JST,
Arnaud > For> they never measure our temperature here... i cannot imagine that here haha (7/14 tue 05:59:57 JST,
Arnaud > The Victoria State is more or less quarantined again (7/14 tue 05:59:24 JST,
Arnaud > Lockdown in Melbourne again :/ (7/14 tue 05:58:58 JST,
For > I fail to translate binbou (7/13 mon 10:33:46 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > Nice talking to you too and feel free to ask more questions (7/13 mon 10:20:23 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > Speaking about the virus - I hate being told where to go, when and what to do there. Let alone being fined for disobeying (7/13 mon 10:19:24 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > cares* godverdomme (7/13 mon 10:17:48 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > vcares (7/13 mon 10:17:33 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > I tend to spare on food. My gf chooses what is tasty. My bother's family cars the most about their food being healthy for them and their two daughters (7/13 mon 10:17:18 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > I don't know how to answer the question about meals. I personally don't care what other people eat, and vice versa (7/13 mon 10:15:53 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > okay... nice chat... I like learning about Moscow... Thanks... (7/13 mon 10:15:46 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I don't really mind the virus regulations.. The people at stores are just doing the best they can in a difficult circumstance... if they want me to wear a mask... I don't care (7/13 mon 10:10:51 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > what is the common daily meals in Russia ? (7/13 mon 10:07:21 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Oh.... (7/13 mon 10:07:02 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > It is possible too that they are under more carefull scrutiny by the authorities. I cannot know for sure (7/13 mon 10:06:40 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > that is why it has taken longer to defeat isis than the Nazis (7/13 mon 10:06:32 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > They say the reason America is fighting the war on terror, is because American politicians get kick backs from the weapon companies.... (7/13 mon 10:06:05 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > I would be against going to McDonald's now because they measure your temperature at the entrance. Thanks a lot. Otherwise they are fine. My brother uses MacAuto a lot (7/13 mon 10:04:32 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > They love god and family most of all..... I think Russian and American people share the same Values... (7/13 mon 10:04:30 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I think so too... Don't buy into the Tv news... American people don't like wars.. (7/13 mon 10:03:40 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > The state propaganda on TV is very anti-American. I don't know how many people buy into it all. My personal opinion is that Russians and Americans can get along well (7/13 mon 10:03:03 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > what about mcdonalds... do you mcdonalds? (7/13 mon 10:01:33 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Ahh... those solt machine... people are crazy.... here they just dump money into them (7/13 mon 09:59:52 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > All those machines where you can win money are banned. They used to be very visible - not any more. I don't mean casinos. Not sure about those, but I don't see any such adds (7/13 mon 09:58:51 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > What do Russian people think about USA? Do you think we can have world peace... no more cold wars? (7/13 mon 09:57:43 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > lol... i am binbou (7/13 mon 09:56:40 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > Shouldn't be too expensive for you as an American (7/13 mon 09:55:52 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > jog?? hmmm..... do you have casino in Moscow? (7/13 mon 09:55:22 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > People jogg or ride bikes (7/13 mon 09:54:42 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > I see.... i don't know about the city... expensive? (7/13 mon 09:54:00 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > The funniest part though is that those living here tend to eventually grow to value nature the most (7/13 mon 09:53:26 JST, proxysnel.nl)
For > Having fun the way takes also having money, and the price will be the highest here (7/13 mon 09:52:46 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > hmmm.... do you have pro sports in Moscow? (7/13 mon 09:51:54 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > It is, so what? A big crowded city. Asfalt, asfalt (7/13 mon 09:51:34 JST, proxysnel.nl)
Silly > family is important..... (7/13 mon 09:51:25 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I see (7/13 mon 09:51:02 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > you have to have lots of fun things to do (7/13 mon 09:50:31 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
For > In city like this I either went for a walk in a forest to take rest from the crowds or met with my family. Met with my girlfriend (7/13 mon 09:50:16 JST, proxysnel.nl)

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