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E > (on Friday I mean) (8/21 tue 16:17:57 JST,
E > Where are you going, Cosmos? (8/21 tue 16:17:48 JST,
E > Hey Blade, Cosmos, Ryan ^_^ (8/21 tue 16:12:20 JST,
Cosmos > maybe on friday =) (8/21 tue 14:43:05 JST, MEMBER)
Ryan > Are you ready to go out? (8/21 tue 14:42:29 JST, 140-227-54-92.vpscloud.static.arena.ne.jp)
Ryan > Hi Cosmos :P (8/21 tue 14:32:10 JST, 140-227-54-92.vpscloud.static.arena.ne.jp)
Ryan > Hi Cosmos :P (8/21 tue 14:31:25 JST, CPE1cabc0736b13-CM1cabc0736b10.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
Cosmos > hi Ryan ^^ (8/21 tue 14:27:36 JST, MEMBER)
Ryan > Hi Cosmos :P (8/21 tue 14:26:27 JST, CPE1cabc0736b13-CM1cabc0736b10.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
Cosmos > Blade>I wrote something to you in the other room (8/21 tue 14:15:23 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Silly> you have a jealous on me and E? w (8/21 tue 14:02:16 JST, MEMBER)
Blade > work bye (8/21 tue 08:45:38 JST, MEMBER)
Blade > i dont get it (8/21 tue 08:45:34 JST, MEMBER)
Blade > bear is bad guy now??? (8/21 tue 08:43:13 JST, MEMBER)
Blade > crazy german ok (8/21 tue 08:43:08 JST, MEMBER)
Blade > ok i delete bad ppl (8/21 tue 08:41:37 JST, MEMBER)
E > Ah, I'm so sleepy... Talk to you later, I need to go to bed =w= (8/21 tue 06:53:58 JST,
E > So, Cosmos-san said you live in America, if I do remember correctly? (8/21 tue 06:30:58 JST,
E > Just ask whatever you want (up to a certain degree, there are things I'm just NOT sharing of course xD), I'll answer. No need to tease anyone :p (8/21 tue 06:30:22 JST,
SIlly > Ok. Thank you. I was wrong too. I started teasing you and Coz. I am sorry. Just wanted to be part of the chat. (8/21 tue 06:17:06 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
E > That said, I'll admit I was wrong, therefore sorry to offend by comparing you with that "creature". I hope my gesture doesn't go unnoticed. (8/21 tue 06:03:42 JST,
E > Even if you're not him, you should not behave like him in the slightest, so stop it right away. (8/21 tue 05:59:23 JST,
E > Finally, if Cosmos has chatted with you I'll take that as proof of you being a different individual, yet you still show a lack of manners that reminds me of that "person" and that's no good. (8/21 tue 05:57:58 JST,
E > Also, I would answer "thanks for the compliments" but they felt so offensive that it's difficult to notice you mean nothing but harm to me. (8/21 tue 05:55:38 JST,
E > Considering the flood of nonsense and "bitching" I read below when I opened the chat today, I don't see why it is me who should "stop bitching" ^_^U (8/21 tue 05:54:08 JST,
Silly > Peace and love be with you. (8/21 tue 05:33:15 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Stop your bitching. (8/21 tue 05:30:57 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Your acting more like don quixote. No suck it up and get over it. You were wrong. (8/21 tue 05:29:43 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > It is noble of you to protect Coz, but you are wanting to slay to wrong dragon. (8/21 tue 05:28:41 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I called you Perceval becuase he was the bravest knight of king Arthur's court. (8/21 tue 05:28:03 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Hey Perceval, I love you man. I am very sorry. (8/21 tue 05:27:30 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
E > I guess I'll just drop speaking here, it's pointless since one can't conversate without being bothered endlessly by an equally endless horde of idiots. (8/21 tue 04:10:07 JST,
E > Cosmos, whatever "they" said using my nickname, I'm sorry. I can't help it since there's no way to safeguard a nickname for myself. (8/21 tue 04:08:15 JST,
E > Blah, blah, blah, that's all you can do. Keep rambling, you "two". (8/21 tue 04:02:22 JST,
Silly > Have a nice day. (8/20 mon 22:42:11 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Just want to say I am sorry and forgive you. (8/20 mon 22:41:58 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I thought youfd come back in a, gplayful Ifve memorized the thesaurus sort of wayh (8/20 mon 22:41:47 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > One could write your actions are unforgivable, but I will not. Like I said I needled you first. (8/20 mon 22:41:37 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Hey Percval. Do you see the shit-storm you started with you ghost ip nonsense? (8/20 mon 22:41:18 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > I've also sent you many pictures. I am sad you don't belive me. (8/20 mon 12:08:28 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > Never mind his use of contractions because the faker is using a ghost ip. (8/20 mon 12:06:40 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > It is all elementary for I am a master of dicktation. (8/20 mon 12:05:16 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Silly > omg.... our diction is a perfect match. Good work Holmes old boy. You genius is truly a marvel. (8/20 mon 11:50:15 JST, 207-68-208-10.nctc.net)
Cosmos > ANYWAYS Dont FAKE real E@idiot (8/20 mon 10:32:59 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > And I dont know SUNSET cos I am not a veteran chatter conpared to you (8/20 mon 10:28:12 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I have never shown myself on cam on EM what a liar I show myself on cam on skype only (8/20 mon 10:25:30 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > sorry I m not fat 163cm 52kgis good shape I think cos everyone says so lol (8/20 mon 10:21:35 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Blade> Delete double posting please(>_< )( >_<) (8/20 mon 06:06:25 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > ( ߁)ʔɁRɁRɁR _ / _/ _ (8/20 mon 05:55:33 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > ( ߁)ʔɁRɁRɁR _ / _/ _ (8/20 mon 05:55:33 JST, MEMBER)

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