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Unhinged_hunter > Hello how is everyone today? (6/13 thu 19:10:15 JST, host-106.208-117-110.mybluepeak.net)
Unhinged_hunter > Hello how is everyone today? (6/13 thu 19:08:32 JST, host-106.208-117-110.mybluepeak.net)
Cosmos > I put my own affairs aside xD (6/10 mon 01:55:35 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > しかし船の中でも病院でもスーパーマーケットに行ってもジジババばっかり 嫌になる (6/10 mon 01:53:49 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Silly ちゃん The surgery was over, but the ureter was narrow so a stent was placed. So I'm scheduled for the second surgery on July 3rd (6/10 mon 01:50:14 JST, MEMBER)
dimple > Hello Green room! (6/8 sat 01:46:35 JST, KD027084186141.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp)
Silly > Good luck at the Doctors. Let us know you are okay when you can. (6/7 fri 19:53:22 JST, 207-68-212-30.nctc.net)
freepalastin > hi (6/5 wed 23:28:45 JST,
kimio > Yeah I changed my name a few times ww (6/4 tue 22:43:47 JST,
kimio > コスモス>そうそう今は36歳です。時の立つのが凄く早くない?!w最初にここで会ったのは確かに20年前だったよね。16歳の時に初めて会った。 (6/4 tue 22:43:17 JST,
kimio > Cosmos> Oh no! That sounds quite painful and surgery!! Fingers crossed its a quick surgery and you heal fast. (6/4 tue 22:41:37 JST,
Arnaud > cosmos> excuse me for the late reply, i'm very happy you could do a so interesting trip with a lot of countries in the south hemisphere (6/2 sun 21:10:13 JST,
Cosmos > You were using this name kimio on the time 3-4回 名前変えたわよね :P (6/2 sun 11:26:23 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > 20年近くたってない? (6/2 sun 11:22:12 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > by the way we met here for the first time when you were 17 今何歳?w (6/2 sun 11:21:21 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I needed painkillers but the pain hasn't been so bad lately (6/2 sun 11:15:35 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > for a while.. I'm scheduled to be admitted on June 5th (6/2 sun 11:09:03 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > kimio>Lately I wasn't feeling well, suddenly the right side of my stomach started hurting, A ureteral stone was found so I'll be hospitalized and have surgery, so I won't be able to see you for a wh (6/2 sun 11:01:48 JST, MEMBER)
kimio > One of my friends of more than 20 years died 3 hours after taking the Johnson and Johnson shot for Covid, leaving behind a husband and 2 small children. I've been furious ever since.. (6/2 sun 00:11:29 JST,
kimio > Cosmos> I am very sorry and sad for the people who died on the cruise...I have to wonder if some of these deaths were directly related to the 'vaccine'. (6/2 sun 00:10:31 JST,
kimio > コスモス>ところで、もう日本に帰ってきたので、私達は近くに住んでいるからコーヒーでも行きましょうでしょうか。週末は一番簡単な時です。良ければ、いつでもFBでメッセージを送って下さいね。 (6/2 sun 00:07:32 JST,
Cosmos > I was thinking that some people would die during the voyage but I thought it one or two at most. (6/1 sat 17:08:13 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I hear it was an employee. There were 1,800 people on board, many of them elderly, and the trip was long, so it can't be helped (6/1 sat 17:04:35 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > ship's speed increased and I wondered how we could go so fast Apparently 13 people died on that cruise. Thirteen confirmed cases, but some say the number is higher, 20 That includes suicides. I hear i (6/1 sat 17:03:19 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I think the less fun stories are more interesting for some peepers lol I know this because I was on that ship There were quite a few emergency evacuation cases while on board Each time, the ship's spe (6/1 sat 17:01:00 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Also, I was worried that if I didn't get on board quickly, the shipping company would go bankrupt because the ship has been out of service for four years due to COVID-19 (6/1 sat 17:00:08 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > kimio>If I'd delayed it one more time and taken a cruise in April, I could have gone to Europe but as a result, It was quite good I had fun with my roommate and made some friends (6/1 sat 16:46:01 JST, MEMBER)
kimio > Cosmos> You were definitely talking to yourself hehe. Just a joke. (5/30 thu 21:40:19 JST,
kimio > refund for wasting your time (5/30 thu 21:28:49 JST,
kimio > Cosmos> 5 years to plan the trip and they screwed you over with an Itinerary that didn't even match your paid plans?! That's absurd and should piss you off. You should have asked them for a total refu (5/30 thu 21:28:42 JST,
kimio > Cosmos> You were definitely talking to yourself hehe. Just a joke. (5/30 thu 21:27:46 JST,
Cosmos > I was just answering Arnaud's question I'm not talking to myself here (5/30 thu 06:00:08 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > At first I applied for a course to go to Europe, but I couldn't wait any longer and my passport was about to expire, so I ended up going for a southern route, which I wasn't that interested in (5/30 thu 01:13:41 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > I lost out because my departure was delayed due to the coronavirus! (5/28 tue 01:42:32 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > in fuel surcharges etc.. (5/28 tue 01:39:19 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > This kind of change seems to be common on ships. I applied for it over 5 year ago, so a lot of things have changed. Due to the weak yen, I was suddenly asked to pay an additional 600,000 yen in fuel s (5/28 tue 01:38:39 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Visitting Reunion Island was planned. but I couldn't go and ended up going to Penang. So I had euros ready, but I didn't need them anymore (5/28 tue 01:38:13 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Other countries I visited were Tahiti (Papeete), Easter Island (also in Chile), Peru (Cayao), Uruguay, Namibia, Madagascar, Mauritius (Port Louis), Malaysia (Penang), Singapore, and China (Shenzhen) (5/28 tue 01:29:52 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Salvador in Brazil, and Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in South Africa. (5/28 tue 01:29:09 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > the ship docked at two ports in some countries For instance, Hilo and Honolulu in Hawaii, Valparaiso and Punta Arenas in Chile, Ushuaia and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in Br (5/28 tue 01:28:12 JST, MEMBER)
Cosmos > Arnaud>The number of countries I visited on the cruise was 15, but I personally left the ship and went to Victoria Falls, so 2 countries increased (Zimbabwe and Zambia) Among the 15 countries, the s (5/28 tue 01:26:08 JST, MEMBER)
Ryujiro > Bye (5/27 mon 09:59:11 JST, 113x33x188x193.ap113.ftth.ucom.ne.jp)
Ryujiro > Anyone in this room now? (5/27 mon 09:57:58 JST, 113x33x188x193.ap113.ftth.ucom.ne.jp)
Ryujiro > Good morning eveyone (5/27 mon 09:57:24 JST, 113x33x188x193.ap113.ftth.ucom.ne.jp)
Arnaud > Cosmos> Great. what other countries could you visit with the cruise ? At least you could avoid the weather of winter in Tokyo (that is not so bad in the end) (5/24 fri 20:53:54 JST,
Akemi > Hey (5/23 thu 19:15:11 JST, 87-34-216-2.ptr.edu.ie)
Hulio > How to address the message to administration of this chat? (5/21 tue 05:58:05 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > How to address the message to administration of this chat? (5/21 tue 05:57:18 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > Is anybody home? (5/21 tue 05:55:24 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)
Hulio > Hi dimple, hi kimio. Why is this chat room so empty? (5/21 tue 05:50:19 JST, ip234.ip-87-98-178.eu)

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